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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 15, 2017 8:00pm-8:28pm +03

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clete sensation of its ongoing nuclear development program so he's asking for a free use with no reciprocal freezing military activity by the u.s. and south korea so this is the divide this is the division that we are seeing very strongly russia and china on one side the u.s. on the other side all saying that they believe in dialogue but differing very sharply as to how to get there mike hanna thank you very much indeed. three people being killed in demonstrations in gaza and the west bank against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel medical groups say eighty four people have also been injured in gaza five seriously president trump and house at the u.s. embassy would be rededicated to jerusalem from tel aviv last week as well as in the occupied west bank city of bethlehem israeli soldiers fired live rounds rubber coated steel bullets and tear gas in response to rock throwing demonstrators palace
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in red crescent says at least two hundred sixty three people have been injured in the west bank. one fish has been watching protests in gaza and joins us now live so i mean do you get impression that there's any kind of sense of this dying down or is it if anything getting worse. well certainly what we saw was hamas calling at a rally on thursday for a day of rage on friday and that was delivered in seven points on gaza with the border with israel we saw widespread protests with thousands of people getting to the border and making sure that their voices were heard no the palestinians started throwing stones over towards the israelis and they were buttoning tires to try and make the blacks so it was hard to target people on the other side the israelis certainly fired live rounds live bullets that killed at least two people in gaza i saw one man who was shot in the neck i suspect he is one of the dead because he
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didn't look as if he was likely to survive and we know that many more people were injured because of tear gas being fired across the border from the israeli side and people who were taken to hospital and treated. obviously had trouble breathing in there was a lot of tear gas fired you know just a few hours before in the streets in gaza in the main street in gaza which stretches forty five kilometers from north to say it's the spine of the gaza strip hamas called for a million man march know there was a million there but there was tens of thousands of people on the streets across the gaza strip and it wasn't just hamas the fact it was there as well there were other political parties including the communist party of palestine there were many factions many groups and they were all united and hamas made the point that donald trump has managed to unite all these factions all these groups which for years had problems over some of the most basic things but before you could even begin to
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discuss agreement but yet they were all united on stage and on the street because of donald trump deciding that he wanted to clear jerusalem as the next as the capital of israel and also recognizing it as such no the people on the street not for one minute think that donald trump would switch on the t.v. see tens of thousands of people. on the streets in gaza and suddenly decide that perhaps he made a mistake the whole point of these protests is to put pressure on arab countries and those regionally to keep the pressure on the united states to try and make sure that he tell them that they are not happy with this is well and perhaps even as we've seen in the last year or so other groups other countries look to perhaps formulate some sort of peace deal in the way that we're told according to media reports the french and the belgians are doing so it's all about pressure and it takes the form of being in the streets and the protests we saw in the last couple of hours and then you mentioned the possibility of stepping into the perhaps the
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role of broker how likely is that to happen in this and short to medium term. well certainly no the americans have done a lot of the grown work we've had gerry cousteau who is donald trump's son in law and a trusted advisor has been in the area send his team here is well they've been discussing with all the interested parties and my understanding is that the intention is they will deliver some sort of peace plan early in the new year of course what we're seeing now is the palestinians saying well the united states is an honest broker here they were meant to play it down the middle but by doing something that the israelis wanted for a very long time it sure is that they cannot be trusted and that of the not only seeing this is just the trumpet ministration they believe this is the united states going back thirty or forty years so if there was another initiative there may be an issue that it may not get support from the israelis given that they're obviously keen to see the americans plan progress but the palestinians and other regional powers may well put enough pressure on others to say look this is something that
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could be considered but if there are any nice plans anything at the beginning stage there's a lot of what and a lot of growing to cover to catch up with what the americans have done since donald trump became president and inflation thank you very much indeed. israeli prime minister prime minister meanwhile spent the morning being interviewed by police they arrived at benjamin netanyahu his residence in jerusalem to question him about corruption allegations this is the seventh time he's been interviewed after police said they suspected him of being involved in bribery and fraud it's alleged he received gifts from business figures and there's another probe into secret talks with an israeli newspaper it and you know who denies any wrongdoing. a uniters have given the go ahead for bret's it talks to move on to the next stage of negotiations they said on africa's on trade making enough progress on citizens' rights the irish border and how much the u.k. has to pay to leave the e.u.
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the british prime minister to resign may has hailed the decision as an important step on to be phillips is in brussels where he's been following the negotiations she left early job dartmouth it hasn't been easy but europe's leaders say it's time to start talking about the future relationship with britain after it leaves the twenty nineteen but don't expect any dramatic early progress but there's no time for in term are you trying to servant preparations florida recount that was the u.k. to get more clarity on the version. on that basis we should. start negotiations next year none of the other e.u. twenty seven countries wanted breaks it still hope that it can be reversed somehow but they all want a final agreement and so the talks do go on but if on bret's it there is unanimity on the other issues the e.u. remains badly divided. on migration europe is
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a continent divided poland the czech republic slovakia and hungry will not accept the bodice refugee quotas that the e.u. agreed back in twenty fifteen the talks went on into the early hours to no avail do you think you should hold off either politically it was a type of political close calm but good news is that we agreed on the so-called external issues of migration protecting our borders and stopping the migrants outside them the bad news is that we still disagree on resettlement and immigration there are still many large forces who don't want to stop migration but want to bring migrants into europe and afterwards distribute them on a compulsory basis. other leaders are furious not least the one who risked her political future by admitting close to a million refugees to her country in twenty fifty. two it is a democracy i made very clear that i'm not satisfied with the fact that the rules we have are not working solidarity cannot just apply externally but also must be
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internal on this we have lots of work to do the positions have not changed but we plan to continue to work on this until june of next year. all they can agree on for now is to spend more money securing europe's borders keeping refugees out at this summit some of the most difficult issues confronting the continent were discussed but ultimately deferred battery phillips al-jazeera brussels. dutch police have shot to a knife wielding man it. port authorities have cleared the airport building they describe the situation as safe and say they're not treating it as a terrorist it still to come. donald trump addresses the f.b.i. after the white house accused the agency of bias against the president. and celebrations in the polls that left wing alliance claims a big win in the general election as we look at what it means for the country's future.
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however there are iron grey sky over the northeast of iraq just touching turkmenistan as well this cloud is just that it is cloud is part of a system that's been producing steady snow in the mountains north of kabul now lying on the ground about fifty two centimeters twenty four of which fell in the last twenty four hours so there is significant snow in this general area but to the west of that it's a much quieter picture a lot of cloud right if anything they were changing to what it feels like early spring in turkey yonkers temperature from big subzero going up to the low teens the next day or so we're hovering around the twenty mark of the coastal event beirut up to twenty one that is course come sunday otherwise things are quiet except in the southern part of iran this is development that i think will start to bring rain cities the iranian coast but probably the eastern side of amman u.a.e.
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and maybe even qatar and both saturday and sunday that but rain isn't moving anywhere could be quite substantial further inland for across the peninsula of course is generally fine it's still much warmer in mecca forecast of thirty three rather pleasant degrees in southern africa well south africa's largely free of cloud and showers but if you want rain tanzania's your price along with zimbabwe.
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a minute on the top stories here now. general antonio terrorist says it's time to reestablish and strengthen communication channels with north korea at a meeting underway on pyongyang's but they stick missile program. three people have been killed in demonstrations in gaza and the west bank against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel. and say breaks in negotiations with britain cannot move on to trade off to sufficient progress was made or citizens' rights in the irish border and how much the u.k. has to pay to leave the e.u.
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. president donald trump is giving a speech at the f.b.i. national academy in virginia he just hundreds of law enforcement personnel who just completed their training earlier on friday the white house revealed what it described as extreme bias against among the senior leadership of the f.b.i. let's get more now from our white house correspondent kimberly help it so i mean what's the president say. it's a really classic case of the president's evidence of sort of a split personality or at least public personality when it comes to some of the public statements because just before his speech to the f.b.i. academy he left the white house once again very critical of the f.b.i. but what has been saying more recently is that you know with me as your president you have a loyal champion in the white house will never let you down but again this is really inconsistent and incompatible with some of the statements from the white house staff as you point out saying that the f.b.i. has been heavily biased against the president even the president's own tweets on
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social media just two weeks ago where he said that the f.b.i. is in tatters that has one of the worst endings in history he's criticized it's e-mail investigation into his former presidential contender hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server while she was the secretary of state and in fact to he said that as more recently some revelations that have been made public of some hundreds of text messages that were exchanged between two f.b.i. agents that were working on that clinton investigation also the more recent investigation into whether or not the president may have obstructed justice with regard to the alleged russian meddling in the twenty sixteen u.s. election the president saying as he left the white house this is just further evidence of bias and. really the f.b.i. needs to be as an agency cleaned up. religious shame or choppered we're here we are. going to rebuild here free are you to be bigger or better than ever
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but it is very shared when you look at those documents. how they've done that is really really very you have a lot of very angry people getting your very serious thing to watch i will tell you that. there is republican criticism of the f.b.i. and claims that the investigation is tainted affecting the wider russia probe by the special counsel. well there are concerns that this could be used by republicans in the u.s. congress to potentially call for an end to some of those investigations there are also concerns that well many may try to hold robert muller the special prosecutor as special counsel rather in accountable for the actions of his subordinates that potentially this could even be leverage by the president to halt those investigations altogether but you have to point to some of the statements by the deputy attorney general rod rosenstein recently when he was testifying up on
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capitol hill in fact he defended those investigations he said that all f.b.i. agents despite the fact that they may have made disparaging remarks about the president are a title to their political views and that should not affect their ability to do their job committee how could thank you very much indeed. a u.n. investigation into extreme poverty in the u.s. has raised serious quick issues about the quality of american housing especially in rural areas special philip alston report will cover issues of civil rights housing and basic sanitation and he got a report. and you actually see the may war fly in rural alabama the un's expert on extreme poverty witnessed firsthand what residents have been dealing with for years in the state's blackbelt region many can't afford basic sanitation open pools of rule sewage sit where children play it's often flushed back into people's homes and hookworm a parasite normally found in sub-saharan africa has been reported in shocking
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numbers residents have asked for help instead campaigners say some of being threatened with criminal charges now they met at least get recognition for some might have to come from the united nations just figure out of a solution to a problem that the united states said we have is really really say to me i mean because. there want there sam they want to make america great again this is not making america great again philip alston spent two weeks visiting some of the u.s. is most vulnerable people activists say his presence is cause for national shame it's embarrassing that i had to go outside of alabama to get help to deal with this that's embarrassing i think that there is there are people in alabama they can solve this problem they get to have the where with they do it we came to lock up everybody for things that happen here when there are things that they people have no control over as part of his toll philip olson came here to washington d.c. where poor neighborhoods can be found within streets of the capitol building in
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past reports alston's pulled no punches but this may be his most sensitive mission yet investigating poverty in the world's richest nation will mean nothing if the current administration chooses to ignore his findings officially more than forty million americans live in poverty some put that figure much higher alston's already called what he's seen in the u.s. shocking and says in many places basic needs are not being met it's then up to the government to try to explain why it's not being met because they could afford to do it so that would mean that they're taking a political decision just to exclude certain people and not put resources into giving them a decent standard of living the un's final report will be published in the spring of two thousand and eighteen early indications are that alston's findings could make for uncomfortable reading for the world's biggest economy and gallacher al-jazeera. zimbabwe's ruling party has finalized wrote mugabe's removal as president at a special congress in harare nearly did i miss him and has been confirmed as the
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candidate for next year's election he told zanu p.f. members the vote must be credible free and fair he was inaugurated last month after a minute to take over. the very. easy. it is. the. low cost european airline ryanair has reversed its longstanding position not to recognize trade unions the decision was made an attempt to stop pilots and cabin crew from carrying out plans strikes in the lead up to christmas or some unions
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have now canceled the strikes others have yet to respond it's been a difficult year for the airline which was forced to cancel twenty thousand flights to to stock shortages. white supremacist who rammed his car into a crowd during a rally in the u.s. state of virginia has had his murder charge upgraded james fields jr is now accused of first degree murder which carries a maximum penalty of life imprisonment in u.s. law the charge usually indicates a premeditated attack that two year old heather hired died in fields rammed a crowd of anti-racism protesters. and his four children are confirmed to have been killed when the bus they were traveling in collided with a train in southern france eighteen others were injured in the crash that happened near the city. a school bus was carrying children aged between eleven and fifteen years old. russian court has sentenced a former economy minister to eight years in prison and i. have been found guilty of
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corruption he was charged with accepting a two million dollars bribe from the oil giant rosneft who cry if denies all charges and says he was framed by rosneft c.e.o. who is known to be close to president vladimir putin so nearly a year has the latest from moscow. it's a case which has roused much interest here in russia not least because it has exposed the power plays that surround the russian president and the various factions that surround him and more importantly who is in favor and who is not in favor it goes back to last november when the then economy minister alexei. went to the offices of the state's oil giant rosneft for a meeting with its head either section they proceeded to have would have paid to be . on the surface a congenial meeting mr search and then handed over a briefcase to mr ukiah upon leaving that he was detained and in the briefcase was
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found to be an amount of two million dollars now through all of this has protested his innocence he said that he did not know that there was that amount of money in there as well also controversially while mr section had been summoned four times to give evidence as a witness he refused each time citing commitments work commitments that he just simply did not have the time to attend interesting interesting enough when mr putin was questioned about this on days a massive press conference and he was asked whether mr searchin had indeed was it was in fact not a coordinating with the law or cooperating with the law mr putin said that he could've attended the court case but that in fact was the surgeon had done nothing illegal thereby firmly pitching mr putin on the side of mr searchin who is a close ally of mr putin
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a close confidant of his he had said that he wanted to have an appeal he wants to appeal this ruling and he said it was a nasty provocation by the head of the oil company and certainly while the prosecution had called for ten years imprisonment it had been reduced to eight because of mr sessions family conditions and also his deteriorating health condition. nepal's left wing parties are claiming a landslide victory in the country's general elections the left alliance says it's one hundred thirteen out of a total one hundred sixty five parliamentary seats. in katmandu with more on what the results could mean for the country's future. the post so-called left alliance has painted the country red after what's being seen as a momentous picture of both parliamentary then provincial elections observers were surprised by the electoral marriage between his former fighters and the palace
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communist party or unified marxist leninist their union paid off handsomely at the polls the party congress the oldest democratic party lost badly the left alliance won around two thirds of the seats in the lower house yes much destroys the input ends up coming together as communist we hope that the noncommunist will also form alliances and the country goes far to the system for five years will walk closely with nearby people and we will dare leave our promise of economic development. in their election campaign the left alliance promised stability and economic development unstable coalitions have meant her party has had nine governments in the past ten years this month's election was the first since the new constitution was drafted in two thousand and fifteen a major step towards transforming the party into
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a federal republic following abolishing of the monarchy the new federal system means state governments in seven different provinces but state politics didn't get much attention during the election campaign and it's not clear that most new parties fully understand what federalism means some speculate whether the victory of the left alliance could mean that the party is headed towards a communist state but analysts say that bear. you think you about the maoists have known also communist ideology is not mainstream democratic parties many even hesitate to call them the left parties some analysts think democratic freedoms could be threatened although they have performed very well in these elections you know there are still other parties in parliament there are quite powerful and there would be a massive outcry if they tried to turn the country into a state or even rigged elections in the future having said that i think that if the
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left alliance consolidate his power for a long period of time then it's possible that they will try to curtail some democratic freedoms such as by trying to control civil society or the media or supporters of the alliance the new political equation maybe an even greater change than the publication of the latest constitution nepalis face serious problems including corruption and the politicize ation of institutions in the months ahead we will see how the election winners use their power to be distressed or al-jazeera government. and one of the top stories on i was there united nations secretary general says it's time to reestablish immediately and strengthen communication channels with north korea and tony were terrors for speaking at the u.n. security council meeting on pyongyang's ballistic missile program last month north korea tested its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile yet in direct
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defiance of international pressure and u.n. sanctions suggested rex tillerson addressed the session we particularly call on russia and china to increase pressure including going beyond full implementation of the un security council resolutions. continuing to allow north korean labors to toil in slave like conditions inside russia in exchange for wages used to fund our weapons programs because in the questions russia's dedication as a partner for peace similarly is chinese crude or close to north korean refineries the united states questions china's commitment to solving the issue that has serious implications for the security of its own citizens three people have been killed in demonstrations in gaza and the west bank against u.s. president donald trump's decision to recognize jerusalem as the capital of israel but equal groups say eighty four others have been injured in gaza five seriously
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president trump also announced last week that the u.s. embassy would be relocated to jerusalem from tel aviv. e.u. leaders have given the go ahead for breaks it talks to move on to the next stage of negotiations they say they can now focus on trade after making enough progress on citizens' rights the irish border and how much the u.k. has to pay to leave the e.u. us president donald trump has given a speech at the f.b.i. national academy in virginia just hundreds of law enforcement personnel who just completed their training. on friday the white house revealed what it described as extreme bias against trump among the senior leadership of the f.b.i. zimbabwe's ruling party has finalized robert mugabe's removal as president a special congress in harare you need a muslim in and gaga has been confirmed as a candidate for next year's election. that's all the moment inside stories up next
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more news for you after that ifa. does the united states have a so-called smoking gun on iran the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. displays what she calls an undeniable evidence of a wrong supply in fighting in yemen with missiles to fire at saudi arabia or.

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